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The Jewish cultural value of lifelong learning inbues our experiences together at Kol Shalom. Each encounter is an opportunity to learn, to inspire

and be inspired, and to grow. 

Image by Aaron Dowd


Image by Aaron Dowd


Religious School

Our main goal as Jewish educators at Congregation Kol Shalom’s Religious School is to empower our students with knowledge about Judaism and about being a Jew so that they will be able to go anywhere in the world and join in any congregation and Jewish community. We want to instill Jewish values to help guide them through their lives as conscientious citizens, understanding and dedicated to our people’s essential principle of tikkun olam.


Lo alecha…” We are sending our students out into the world tethered in their hearts and minds to the three things on which Jews have depended for over two thousand years: study of Torah, prayer and acts of loving kindness—Torah, Avodah, v’Gmilut Hassidim.

Our philosophy is that every Jewish child deserves a Jewish education, which includes:  

  • Familiarity with the basics of the Hebrew language

  • The history of Am Yisrael (the Jewish people)

  • Discovery and exploration of the Torah

  • The culture of Israel and its inhabitants

  • The nature of world Jewry and the place of individual Jews in that world

  • The defining Jewish values and tikkun olam

  • Major Jewish practices, holidays and the importance of Shabbat

At Kol Shalom’s Religious School we have many interfaith families. We respect the beliefs and choices of each family and encourage inclusion. Family participation is very important to our school and we invite families to celebrate and participate in our school’s events.

For the fee schedule, please see the registration form below.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program


Central to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah rite of passage is taking personal responsibility to connect with Torah and explore, interpret and respond to its teachings.


In preparation for this important milestone, B'nai Mitzvah students at Kol Shalom follow a course of study that includes:

  • Learning the traditions and teachings of Judaism

  • Studying Hebrew

  • Learning to chant Torah and haftarah

  • Participating regularly in Shabbat services

  • Preparing a d’var (sermon) for their Torah portion

  • Ongoing tutoring with Rabbi Darío

As the culmination of their studies, the Bar/Bat Mitzvah will don a tallit (prayer shawl) for the first time, lead the congregation in a regular Shabbat morning service, deliver a d’var Torah, and read from the Torah and haftarah.

This is a simcha (joyous occasion) for our entire community!



Adult Education

Not everyone finds their connection to our tradition through prayers, holidays, and observance. The synagogue as a center of lifelong learning—the beit midrash—shines equally brightly as a pathway to a meaningful relationship with Judaism.


At Kol Shalom we consider Adult Education one of the primary pillars of the community and strive to offer high-quality opportunities for all types of interests. By asking thoughtful questions, listening to each other, and engaging in spirited debate, we seek to understand our lives through a Jewish lens.


Past Adult Education classes have included topics such as Jewish meditation, Mussar, the Talmudic understanding of human personality, tradition and change, and kashrut. 


To learn about other activities available at Kol Shalom, visit the Community page of our website


Sign up for the Kol Shalom weekly email for current topics and dates for Adult Education.



Torah Study

Torah Study is led by Rabbi Darío and members of Kol Shalom from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. every Shabbat before services. Together, we study the text in English with modern commentary and explore the meaning of Torah.

Torah Study is not a class, but rather an ongoing discussion in which everyone has a chance to participate in thought-provoking dialogue about Torah. Come study and learn with us.

The week’s Torah portion to be studied is noted in the Kol Shalom weekly email.

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