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We all recognize that it is our duty to be aware of our surroundings and look out for each other. While Bainbridge Island is a safe community, it is important to acknowledge the rise in threats of violence to Jewish communities around the world, and to educate ourselves, as well as be prepared. Antisemitism and violence in all forms are a threat and must be addressed. The Board and Security Committee recommend the following: 


Have the Wifi address and password stored to make sure your phone works, as cell signals in the area can be weak. You can obtain this from the bulletin board near the admin office ( or email:


See something, say something. Report anti-Semitic incidents or non-emergent security concerns in our community to the Jewish Federation of Seattle’s SafeWA at 1-951-472-3392 or  If you see something suspicious (non-emergent) on site or hear about a threat directed at CKS, alert a board member or staff right away. Call 911 if there is an emergency or imminent threat


If you are attending an event, please arrive on time so you can be greeted and admitted. When you are leading an event on site, please be sure to lock all doors and wait by the door for about 15 minutes to let in late arrivals

*For any non-urgent security-related questions or concerns, please email our security committee chair at:


The Security Committee also recommends familiarizing yourself with the following videos and resources: 

Run, Fight, Hide: (5.5 min) (4.5 min) 


FEMA/Homeland Security Course (45min to complete): 


Website of Resources: 

Please check the bulletin for future offerings at CKS regarding safety issues.

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